If you have registered for centre-based sessions, here is some information that may be helpful for you to know:

  • We are located in a house at 15 Willow Street, in Uptown Waterloo (behind the Spur Line plaza).
  • Please enter through the front door and remove your shoes. Indoor shoes may be worn or kept at the centre.
  • It is also important to note that we are a nut-free, scent-free workplace.
  • There is no visitor parking on site, or on Willow Street. Parking is available in various Uptown parking lots and on some city streets as per signage indicated.
  • Drop offs and pick ups for sessions can happen in the 2 spots at the end of the driveway (behind therapists’ parked cars), on Willow Street, or in nearby city lots (Willow lot and City Centre lot).
  • We have 3 clinic rooms on the main floor, a work room with staff bathroom, kids bathroom, full kitchen, gym space, and an outdoor space.
  • We have also have 3 clinic rooms on the basement level, a rec room, bathroom, phone booth, and storage room for therapy materials.

Stay tuned for pictures of our new space!