1:1 In-Home ABA Therapy

We provide comprehensive services to create effective ABA programs, designed to be implemented in the child's home. All programs includes a behaviour and/or skill assessments, individualized programs, and on-going supervision of programs.

1:1 Community-Based ABA Therapy

Sometimes the best way to learn or practice a skill is to go out into the community and seek those real-life learning experiences. Many of our clients receiving in-home ABA programs will also have a community-based component.

Group Therapy

Some skills are better taught and practiced in a group setting. When we have clients with similar goals and interests, we arrange dyad and small group sessions. We do not currently advertise our groups to the public, but if you would like to inquire about our current dyads/groups, we'd love to see if your child would be a good fit to join in. The more the merrier!

Parent Training

Parent training involves learning ABA strategies specific to your child's needs and programs. It can also include information about general ABA principles.

School Support

It is very important that the strategies used in therapy be implemented across all environments, including school. We encourage parents to include us in IEP development and parent meetings. Training for school staff is also available.

Placements and BCBA Supervision

Co-op placements are available for college students enrolled in Autism and Behavioural Science programs. BCBA supervision is also available for Masters-level students and professionals working in the field.

Any Questions?

Contact us to discuss which services might be right for you.