Team Members

  • Each learner is assigned one or more of the following team members: ABA Therapist, Senior Therapist, and/or Clinical Supervisor.
  • Different funding options stipulate different supervision requirements. Best Behaviour Inc. is equipped to service learners under all current Applied Behaviour Analysis (“ABA”) government funding models, including families paying privately.
  • The team at Best Behaviour Inc. is made up of dedicated employees and independent contractors.
  • For ease of billing, all employees and independent contractors will be paid by Best Behaviour Inc., unless other arrangements are made.
Roles/Responsibilities ABA Therapist Senior Therapist Clinical Supervisor
Provide one-to-one therapy x x x
Graph data x x x
Assist with preparing basic materials as needed x x x
Maintain organized program binders and materials x x x
Provide small and large group therapy x x x
Provide family/caregiver training x x x
Attend team meetings x x x
Complete notes, meeting minutes, and data related to direct hours x x x
Assist in covering missed one-to-one hours x x x
Assist in completing reassessments x x x
Contribute to the learner’s collection of reinforcing items/activities x x x
Log direct hours spent with the learner, family, or family team x x x
Complete an Injury Report in the event of an accident/injury x x x
Read and become familiar with the learner’s signed consents x x x
Complete initial assessments x x
Assist in completing Behaviour Plans and other required reports x x
Create, print, and prepare ABA programs, data sheets, and graphs x x
Create, print, and prepare ABA program materials x x
Provide training to team members using Behaviour Skills Training x x
Provide peer and parent mediated interventions x x
Provide consultative services x x
Consult with other professionals x x
Plan and set goals with the learner/family   x
Determine appropriate assessment tools   x


Required Documentation

  • Best Behaviour Inc. will obtain copies of the following documentation from all team members: an updated resume, two (2) references, a Police Vulnerable Sector Check completed within six (6) months, proof of two (2) million liability car insurance (if applicable), proof of professional liability insurance (if applicable), and proof of First Aid and CPR Training (if applicable).


Professional Relationship

  • The relationship between Best Behaviour Inc. team members and the client is professional, precluding ongoing social relationships, the giving of gifts, and participation in personal events.
  • Dual relationships and conflicts of interest will also be avoided (ex. providing respite and ABA services).


Professional and Ethical Compliance Code

  • Best Behaviour Inc. strives to operate in accordance with the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts. Behaviour Analysts are obliged to provide interventions that are evidence-based, meaning they are supported by scientific research. If non-evidence-based interventions are requested, referrals will be made to other professionals better suited to oversee such interventions.
  • Any information shared online is for information purposes only and should not be construed as specific advice for one situation. For individualized advice, please contact a Behaviour Analyst directly.
  • If behaviour analytic services are not provided in accordance to these stipulations, the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) has a system for concerned individuals to file a Notice of Alleged Violation.


Materials and Paperwork

  • Best Behaviour Inc. will lend program supplies to be used during therapy. These materials will be collected when they are no longer needed or when therapy is terminated. Any materials that will be consumed by the learner (ex. edible reinforcement) or that the Parent/Guardian intends to keep when therapy is terminated (ex. PECS binder, iPad) must be purchased by the Parent/Guardian. Community memberships and activity fees are also to be purchased by the Parent/Guardian.
  • The program binder, which includes reports, session notes, programs, data sheets, and graphs, will remain the property of the Parent/Guardian. Program binders must be stored for at least seven (7) years following the termination of therapy. All programs are the intellectual property of Best Behaviour Inc. and can be used by other service providers for reference only. Programs cannot be used to continue therapy with other service providers or learners, and cannot be copied or sold.


Dress Code

  • In order to maintain a safe, healthy, and well-functioning place of work, Best Behaviour Inc. requires all team members to maintain clean and appropriate attire in the workplace. Attire and personal grooming must be appropriate to the work being performed, across any and all places of work.
  • If a team member’s attire is determined to be inappropriate, they may be issued a verbal or written warning, or asked to change their clothing. Time away from work for this purpose will be without pay. Inappropriate attire includes, but is not limited to, revealing clothing, clothing with offensive pictures or slogans, clothing with excessive holes or stains, and strongly scented personal products.


Cancellation Policies

  • In the event of a cancellation, the Parent/Guardian must notify the ABA Therapist(s), Senior Therapist, and Clinical Supervisor. Sessions cancelled twenty-four (24) hours in advance will not be billed or paid. Cancelled sessions can be rescheduled at the discretion of the Parent/Guardian and Therapist, but it is not required.
  • Sessions cancelled within twenty-four (24) hours notice will be billed in full and paid, as a Late Parent Cancellation. If possible, these hours will be used to benefit the learner’s programming.
  • If the learner is sick and the session is not cancelled, the Therapist may cancel upon arrival or end session early at their discretion and it will be considered a Late Parent Cancellation.
  • If the Therapist cancels a session for any reason, all parties will be notified as soon as possible. If the session cannot be covered by another team member, the session will be cancelled and will not be billed or paid. Cancelled sessions can be rescheduled at the discretion of the Parent/Guardian and Therapist, but it is not required.
  • In the event of inclement weather, Best Behaviour Inc. reminds all clients and team members to travel by car only when it is safe to do so and when you do travel, allow for extra time, take care, and have caution on the roads. If the Therapist is unable to get to a session due to inclement weather, they may cancel the session. If it is a centre-based session and the centre is closed due to inclement weather, all parties will be notified. In both situations, the session will not be billed or paid. Cancelled sessions can be rescheduled at the discretion of the Parent/Guardian and Therapist, but it is not required.
  • If the learner is late to a session, the Parent/Guardian is required to contact the Therapist. The session will not be extended to make up the missed time. The Therapist will wait fifteen (15) minutes if the learner is not there at the scheduled time, and then is allowed to leave and the session will be considered a Late Parent Cancellation. If the learner is not picked up when the session is finished, the extra time will be billed at the regular hourly rate and paid.
  • If the Therapist is late to a session, they will contact the Parent/Guardian. The session will be extended to make up the missed time or the time will be deducted from the total session length without pay.
  • Cancellations extending over five (5) consecutive days are considered an extended leave. At least two (2) weeks’ notice is required for extended leaves, changes in schedule, and any reduction in hours. This is to facilitate consistency in service delivery. This includes, but is not limited to, vacations and extended time off for holidays or summer camp. Payment for sessions not cancelled according to this policy will be required in full.
  • Services may be terminated/withdrawn, giving 30 days’ notice in writing, by either party. Payment for sessions not cancelled according to this policy will be required in full.